Sport governance is an highly researched area within sport business management. High profile cases of governance failure such as FIFA have drawn interest from a public that, traditionally, was not interested in governance. The growth of interest in governance has contributed to an increasing understanding of the many ways governance can influence an organisation and a sport.

My current PhD research quantitatively examines individual board members and their influence on the board’s fulfillment of strategic in conformance roles. Prior to this research, I qualitatively investigated how the board strategically manages a CEO succession. With my governance background and my diverse set of research skills, I have contributed to other research areas including marketing, talent identification and sport policy.


  • Individual Board Member Behaviour
  • Board Strategic and Conformance Roles
  • Sport Policy
  • Succession Planning
  • Strategic Fit

Research Projects

  • Doctor of Philosophy

    Examining Individual Board Member Behaviour within Sport Governing Bodies

  • Masters of Commerce

    Examining Strategic Preparation for CEO Succession

  • Sports Policy Factors Leading to International Sporting Success

    I was a member of the Canadian research team on this international project.