Three years ago a facebook fad occurred. People were encouraged to write a list of 25 things about themselves that most people would not already know. Here’s my list, first posted in April 2009 with my comments from now added in. [like this]

1. I learn best by teaching others. [Still true, but I have also improved my ability to learn on my own, primarily through writing]
2. I love leadership. Putting others in a position to succeed and watching them do so gives me immense satisfaction.
3. Vice versa, I get really frustrated when I delegate something and the person does a terrible job because they don’t care or are too lazy.
4. I’ve been naturally talented at many things, but have not worked hard enough to become excellent at them. I seem to always be very good but rarely exceptional. [In some ways, I feel like this is because I put a lot of emphasis on balance in my life so I rarely devote the time required to be exceptional]
5. I don’t like watching movies as a social activity. I have nothing against movies, but if I am looking to spend time with my friends, staring at a screen and not speaking to each other for 2 hours isn’t my idea of quality time. Plus, I’d often rather go to bed. [Still very true. I’m simply not interested]
6. I was on Facebook in September 2004, long before most of you had even heard of it. At that stage only students at certain American universities were allowed on Facebook and I just happened to be at the University of Arizona then. [I think this my least favourite inclusion in the list given the way it is framed. If I had framed it as my desire to be an early adopter, then I’d like the post a bunch more]
7. I’m way more of an introvert than you probably think. I’ve become very comfortable with my extrovert side and have yet to fully develop my introvert side.
8. I often change who I am depending on who I’m with and what we’re doing. [Changing “who I am” seems to be too strong a phrase, but it’s not necessarily inaccurate]
9. My standards for others are often higher than of myself. I tend to be somewhat hypocritical that way. [It’s totally not a fair attitude, but it’s true. I’m a bit of a jerk this way]
10. I managed to go to the wrong floor for an accounting job interview, take 5-10 minutes to figure out I screwed up and still get offered the position. Which apparently requires close attention to detail…. [Just a funny story. Not as good as my Finnish Prince story…]
11. Being a bartender has been one of the jobs I enjoyed most. [In the right circumstance. Working with good people, in a good bar is rewarding. It’s job that requires constant, but not overly difficult work, in a team helping others have a good time]
12. I take care of others before I take care of myself (While this may seem admirable, it is usually in a bad way. I will ignore my problems to help others). [I’m better now at reaching out to certain people when I need a chat etc, but I’m still very willing to ignore my issues/needs when someone else is hurting]
13. I have a memory for those who wronged me/intentionally hurt me/deceived me/lied to me. I may not ever say or do anything about it, but I will remember.
14. I don’t spend money on material goods. Usually when I spend, I buy something to use or consume. [I am more willing now to spend money on clothes, but I’m still judicious towards those purchases]
15. I love being on a campus. The atmosphere of learning inspires me. [Then I started teaching undergraduates and that inspiration disappeared quickly… Joking! This was a nice thing to read and remember having just committed to another 3 years as a student]
16. My biggest fear is that of not being able to accomplish something. That’s why I rarely try my absolute hardest. That way I always have a built in excuse. [This probably links into point 4 as well]
17. I’m moving to Melbourne for Grad School in September and have had almost every emotion imaginable cross my mind when I think about it. [I’m moving to the Gold Coast for PhD studies in March and have had almost every emotion imaginable cross my mind when I think about]
18. Over the last two months, my close friends have proven to me why they are my close friends. Thank you. [Two months three years]
19. I often forget how important God and the United Church have been in my life. God and the church (which I view as separate things) have had a significant part in making me who I am. Many of my friends, my relationships, my theatre work, my youth work, my beliefs, my values, and my support network were developed through my time at St. David’s, Wild Rose and Northminster. [I recognise the importance more now and am more comfortable with the role of religion in my life. Shout out to the community at West Hawthorn Uniting Church]
20. I often throw jokes in the middle of conversations that shouldn’t have jokes. I will be the only one laughing in a theatre. My sense of humor is a little weird I suppose. But now for something completely different… [Yep. I’m still twisted]
21. Two sports I thought I’d never like, but have come to follow are Cricket and Formula 1. [I’ve realised I don’t “follow” sport that much any more. I far prefer the stories around sport more than the day to day wins and losses]
22. I’m really, really proud of my sister. She has the drive and passion to go along with her natural talent. I wish I found ways to push myself the way she has. [She now works for Disney!!]
23. My Grandfather is one of the most amazing people I know. There is no way I can encapsulate all of the ways he has impressed me in this note. Career wise, he was the general manager and opened the hospital in Grand Falls and proceeded to run the largest hospital in St. John’s for many years. [One of the hardest goodbyes I had when I moved to Melbourne was to my Grandfather]
24. Dogs are the one area where I am irrationally emotional. I have bawled through Homeward Bound, Bill Simmons’ “The Dooze” column, many other tv shows/jokes/anything. In fact one of the things I missed most while away on my trip was my dog. She was the only person I couldn’t talk to. [Copper passed away two years ago after degenerating quickly due to a variety of diseases. A side comment in this post isn’t enough to explain how much I miss her. Very likely this will be the topic of a future post]
25. I still have no idea who I am. [Nobody knows who they are because we are always changing faster than our self-perception does]


Do you have any personal writing/blog posts/journal entries from a few years ago? Anything interesting jump out at you when you re-read them?

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